Divorcing Spouses

Santa Barbara Family Law Divorcing SpousesEvery parent wants the best for their children, in terms of guidance, care and emotional support as well as lifestyle. This is true whether the parents are married or not. We all want the best for our children and it is impossible to put a price tag on ensuring that our children will be safe, happy, and cared for after a divorce.

When parents are feeling loss and guilt because they are no longer together for the children, it is often difficult to sort out what is truly in the best interest of the children versus how the parties want to move forward separately. When parents are trying to balance the emotional and financial concerns they have about their post-divorce parenting, it helps to have an experienced support team to sort things out.

Common Concerns for Divorcing Parents

Some common concerns prior to divorce expressed by divorcing parents:

  • Will I be able to spend enough time with my kids?
  • Will my children suffer as a result of the divorce?
  • hat about holidays, birthdays, and vacations?
  • Will my spouse and I be able to agree on parenting going forward?
  • What happens down the road, when things change?

Divorce is Not Just about the Legalities

The one thing many parents have to confront from the beginning is coming to terms with what is best for the children versus what is fair. Specifically, what is fair for the adults isn't always best for the children. Another concern is whether the children will be negatively affected by the divorce. For example, it isn't unusual for one parent to retain ownership of the family home in an attempt to minimize the impact of the divorce on the children. These concerns, among others, can compel a parent to seek a resolution that is neither wise or useful.

We encourage our parents to use the services of experienced professionals and specialists like divorce coaches and child specialists, when necessary. While we can offer crucial experience and advice regarding what is appropriate and legal in the way of parenting plans, what works for one family doesn't always work for another. Every parenting situation is unique. An experienced divorce coach is more effective and far less expensive when it comes to helping parents adjust to the changes. An experienced child specialist can help a parent identify how best to care for the children post divorce and be an engaged parent of a happy, well-adjusted child.

The combination of experienced attorney and experienced specialists means that parents can individually understand what they can expect after the divorce while working through their emotions and coming to terms with what really is best for the children versus their own needs.

How We Help Santa Barbara Parents

As if deciding an appropriate parenting plan isn't enough, establishing an appropriate support agreement adds to the complexity. Some parents confuse parenting time with the level of child support, but those are entirely separate agreements. Our clients usually find that our clear explanation of the support calculation guidelines is very helpful for understanding the child support versus parenting plans. With that understanding established, parents are better able to efficiently address critical issues.